for orator and quartet



Created by berni.m.janssen and belinda woods

Performed by berni.m.janssen and the BOLT Ensemble



A largely improvised work created by performance poetry legend berni.m.janssen, artistically directed by Belinda Woods and featuring members of the virtuoso chamber group, BOLT Ensemble. Text articulates the threads between landscape, women, and the sonic utterance: 

“We are windspoken, a frame whereby the world has voice. We are brave and singing sentinels keening. Hear me sing so notes are sweat and liberate pores of poisons. Let word lip throat it.” berni.m.janssen.



30 min


Previous Performances

The Book of Daughters, presented by JOLT Arts, Meat Market Melbourne

10 November 2016





Listen to Windspoken on ABC Classic FM's New Waves Podcast here





“Windspoken followed, a group of talented women joining forces in improvisation alongside the haunting poetry brilliantly orated by the acclaimed berni.m.janssen. The performance was directed by Belinda Woods, also on flute, and featured the talented Pheobe Green on viola, Caerwen Martin on cello and Miranda Hill on the double bass. I was blown away by the power this piece held, drawing connections to land and life, it truly resonated with the multiplicity of womanhood.”

Weekend Notes, November 2016.





Artistic Director/Composer

Belinda Woods





BOLT Ensemble 

Flute, Belinda Woods 

Viola, Phoebe Green

Cello, Caerwen Martin

Double Bass, Miranda Hill


Lighting Design

Bronwyn Pringle


Sound Engineer

Michael Hewes



Tim McNeilage


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